Anagram Balloon Day at BURTON and burton #anagramballoons

Balloon Class with Chris Horne and Eddie Heyland

What a great day we all had teaching at Anagram Balloon Day. My first time to co-teach with Chris Horne. I hope it wont be the last. We had a full house at burton +BURTON. There were many first time students as well as some seasoned pros!

Anagram balloon day

Chris Horne and I took turns teaching different techniques on how to attach and assemble foil balloons. Together we showed over 15 designs.

Chris Horne diamondz circle

If you use 14 Diamondz it makes a perfect circle.

Foil curves topiary orbs

Using foil curves to make giant air filled topiaries for the ceiling.

magic arch

This is one of the few designs we made using helium. We used packing tape to attach magic arch balloons together on the sides and then attached the letter balloons through the center hole.

foil balloon chandelier

Chris Horne made this stunning chandelier out of one Orbz, some 6 point stars, crescents and heats. A very clever design that can also be turned upside down to float over a table.

Eddie Heyland anagramballoons

Now…. I know what you are thinking…. “Dang I wish I had been at the class”. Fear Not!!!! has teamed up with Tommy Delorenzo and his partner Scott Hemphill of Balloons by Tommy to do Parade Promotions and PROFIT!!! A 3 day hands on workshop and as an optional bonus you will have the opportunity to be a Part of the Pride Parade! Walk the streets of Chicago in front of a Million cheering People waiting to see one of their Favorite entries.  This will be Balloons by Tommy’s 6th year in the Pride Parade, and they are a crowd favorite!  (you are not required to walk the parade to participate in the workshop)

But wait there’s more!!! Qualatex is sponsoring Dennis Scott!!!! The leader of Team USA at World Balloon Convention 2014!

But wait there is even more!!!! Anagram is sponsoring ME!!!! Yepper… How exciting is this gonna be???!!!! I’m teaming up with #Anagramballoons and Tommy to make foil backpacks!!! Yes you can use foils outside!!! and you are going to learn how!!!!

I have heard for years and years. “I just want to come hang out with you for a week and learn from you” Well at long last you have the opportunity. Plus 4 other world class balloon artists. This Parade Promotions and Profit is NOT to be missed. If you were wanting to go to WBC but didn’t have the money, don’t be sad you can be a part of this workshop for a fraction of the cost. Check it out… Sign up…. and I’ll see you there!

eddie heyland

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