FLOAT 2015

Float balloon convention 2015

4 classes in two days! One class was even in Spanish! Hola Amagitooooooos

It was standing room only at FLOAT balloon convention 2015, but we all had a great time!

FLOAT Design Team

The Power of the Arch

For indoor or out, small or large scale single day parties or long-lasting displays, ans with air or helium filled rounds, LINK-O-LOON or specialty balloons… Eddie will share his kingdom of personal success and experienced construction of the “ Monarch of Balloons Art” décor genres in a wide range of creative designs for the most popular and profitable décor elements you can offer… Artful Arches!


Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall… The King of Latex Will Reveal ALL!

Seasonal themed super sellers with unique techniques and unexpected treatments will keep your cash register ringing all year long, join Eddie in his upscale class of creations demonstrating inspiring concepts for a year of holidays and event using Betallic foils LINK-O-LOONS and brilliant Betalatex latex. Ring in the new year, spring into spring, Heat up the summer holidays, Scare up sales for Halloween and your personal Christmas gift from Eddie is learning spectacular design treatments and packed with profit and pizazz!


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