Potions and Spells

Potions and Spells 101 With the witching hour close at hand. Eddie decides it’s time to cast a spell to make more latex. A little of this and lot of that. I hope the King of Latex doesn’t make a bat.

Well I didn’t make any bats but I did make some really cute spider and pumpkin columns. or as we say down south “Punkin”!

Balloon column - spider Potions and Spells

Spiders and Pumpkins

Eye ball Columns

Balloon column - Halloween

So many eyes looking at me from all around. Can only mean one thing. It’s getting close to Halloween. Mathew at The Northwood Country Club wanted us to scare up some Halloween themed balloon decor for the party. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a frightfully good time. These Eyeball columns are a great choice for any Halloween party. The columns offer great flexibility and can be placed at any key areas. Entrances, stages, bars or buffets. They can be moved easily if something need a last minute change, also the columns are Air filled and can last over the weekend if properly cared for.

Halloween Nightmare at Balloon City

Halloween “Nightmare at Balloon City” Is a quick and scary video. Watch it if you Dare!!!! 

Balloon City created a Spooktacular event and made a video to go with it. A Halloween Nightmare at Balloon City. It was a fun filled “Bat” Mitvah. It was frightful fun.