World Cup Fever

World cup fever is in full swing. Just in time for my first visit to Colombia. I’m so lucky to have been invited to be an instructor with Jan Iiams at Sempertex Balloon Company.

The timing is perfect for me to catch the South American Futbol fever! There is no continent in the world that celebrates more the World Cup.
In honor of Futbol, I am going to teach in my classes how to build a giant Futbol balloon or as we say here in America soccer ball.
I am going to use a design that my Amigo Dante Longhi created last year at FLOAT. He was playing in the jam room and made a small version using 260 balloons. Then, Tommy Delorenzo and Robin Veach decided they wanted to make a bigger version using LINK O LOONS. They made a monster soccer ball big enough to bowl over Dante while he was explaining how he made it. I am attaching the video, so you can experience it for yourself.

In my class, I will make two versions of the monster giant soccer ball. The first one is the one that Tommy and Robin made, and the other is a smaller version that is easier to maneuver and use for décor. I will make the smaller version out of 6” LINK O LOONS. Using 6” will result in a soccer ball about 4’ tall. This is a good size for room décor that you can hang from the ceiling or placed on the stage. Depending on your party, there can be many uses for this ball. They can be placed on top of columns to use in key areas inside the event space. Also, they can be placed outside the entrance to make a dramatic impact.
I made a very short video for my class in Bogota. I wanted to share it with you as well.

balloon soccor ball

BIG things happen here

Let’s think Big. Thinking small never got anybody anywhere.

The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau (Dallas CVB) launched a new branding campaign, designed to show the world that “Big Things Happen Here.” In support of the campaign, the Dallas CVB hosted a social media contest for locals to explore Dallas by capturing photos at prominent locations throughout the DFW Metroplex and share over social media for opportunities to win one-of-a-kind experiences.
Locals simply take a photo of themselves or with friends between a life-size display of the letters “B” and “G” and then share the photo on social media channels using the hashtag #DallasBIG. Nearly two dozen “B & G” displays are placed at locations throughout the city giving fans a chance to be the “I” in BIG. Taking photos sounds like lots of fun, but I’m more of a “why take a pic when we can make a video kinda guy”. So I started working on a plan for the “BIG” video.

First, I picked three of my favorite locations. Pioneer Park, Fair Park and Deep Ellum. Pioneer Park is located in front of the Dallas Convention center, and it is one of my favorite places to take my friends when they come to visit. It is so much fun to take pictures with all of the bronze steers acting like you are being chased by a wild cattle drive. Fair Park is the home of the world’s largest collection of art deco building and is a truly wonderful place to explore even when the state fair is not happening. Deep Ellum is Dallas’ old warehouse district, turned into entertainment venues. Back in the days all the great African-American blues artists played there. Today this area offers great clubs, bars and restaurants. Deep Ellum is also the home of Balloon City USA world headquarters.

Now, all that was left was to create the video. I decided to feature the Balloon City crew along with…. Balloons of course. After choosing the location and the cast, I needed the perfect song. It had to be snappy and fun. I chose PSY’s gentleman. After all my entire balloon crew are all gentlemen.
I hope you enjoy this quick 1:16 minute video. Come and dance with us.
VIDEO:Balloon City goes BIG
BIG things happen here