Pat Crosland Holidaz by Dezign Balloon twists using 18 gauge floral wire

Introducing Pat Crosland

Holidaz by Dezign

Pat Crosland

I first met Pat Croslandfrom Holidaz by Dezign when she volunteered to pick me up at the Phoenix Airport to take me to my first ever Twist & Shout Balloon Convention. I was there to help Jan Iiams keep the jam room  stocked with balloons and add an extra hand for her centerpiece class. As it turned out Pat took Jan’s class. All the students were creating their own designs to use as table centerpieces for the final night party. The class was close to ending so I picked out my favorite arrangement. I asked Who had created this design? it was Pat. I picked out another centerpiece that had good use of design and composition, it was also Pat’s! and the next couple I picked out also were created by Pat!!!

A few years have passed since our first meeting. We have stayed in touch and met at several other balloon conventions. FLOAT, the Halloween and Party show and a couple more Twist & Shouts. She has always been someone I could depend on. If I need help getting supplies or labor (think minion), she is always willing to lend a hand.

Pat Crosland was kind enough to show a couple of her balloon twisting techniques using an 18 gauge floral wire. I know it sounds totally crazy to insert a floral wire inside the balloon, but wait till you see. She uses the wire as the framework for her twists.

I have seen these techniques used in competition pieces but never knew how it was done. A big Texas thank you to Pat for allowing me to make this video to share with Yawl.

balloon centerpiece

balloon centerpiece

Twist & Shout 2014

Twist & Shout 2014 was held in Rochester, New York. In the middle of a very messy winter storm, but balloon twisters being who they are did not allow a little bad weather to get in their way. This was one of the most amazing events I have had the privilege to be a part of in the balloon industry.

The jam room was my favorite place to be. It was where most of the energy, creativity and sharing took place. Those sleep deprived twisters would stay up all night creating wonderful sculptures. Most of the time their artwork would wind up discarded. The floor soon became covered in creations full of color, which I called “treasures!” I would search the floor early in the morning to see what I could discover. I had a plan in my mind to make an Epic Balloon-amation video.

The last night of Twist & Shout, I gathered all my treasured pieces together and began my task. I only knew a few of the artist names and sculptures and the rest I’m hoping to discover when they see this video. I would love to know every person that helped to make this video. So if you see something you created please tag it or comment so you can get your well deserved credit.

I want to thank everyone whose talent made this Balloon-amation possible!!

Twist & Shour

Twist & Shout sculpture by Matt Falloon