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Melissa Vinson MelRhea Balloon Creations wins big at Twist & Shout

Melissa Vinson MelRhea Balloon Creations brings home the Gold and Silver from this year’s Twist & Shout Balloon Convention.

Wins big at Twist & Shout

My “Sweet Melissa” that is what I love to call her. There is one other thing that I love about Melissa. I Love to IKEA her!!!! Now get your minds out of the gutters when I say “ I love to IKEA Melissa” It is nothing naughty or nasty, for me it is the highest complement I can give to any designer.

So I need to explain while I have your attention. I love the store IKEA. The way they use color and space, their clean designs and my favorite thing is the way they take ideas that are already exist in the market and make them their own. Some may call it copying or knocking-off but I think IKEA is brilliant for not trying to reinvent the wheel. They just find one they like and make it their own.

Melissa Vinson is my favorite balloon artist to IKEA. The reason why is always the same. Her designs are clean, cool and oh so clever. Something I can look at and immediately connect to and understand. The most important thing for me is I can reproduce it (IKEA).

I should say, almost always able to reproduce. When Melissa goes into competition mode it’s a whole new game. I have watched her work under pressure with crazy conditions and never give up until she is happy with the piece she is creating. She is always learning new techniques searching out new skills.

That is why this year at Twist & Shout. She won 3 times!


First place: Small Artist Balloon Sculpture

“What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger”

Melissa Vinson

Makes you stronger

Second place: Un-inflated Artist Balloon Sculpture

“Whooo Loves Balloons”


Melissa Vinson
Who Loves Balloons

Second place: Medium Artist Balloon Sculpture

“Mothers Day Off”


Melissa Vinson
Mother’s day off

See what I mean? When it comes to her competition pieces she is “in it to win it!”

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