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Hands down Sue Bowler has one of my favorite balloon blogs.

Sue Bowler

I follow Sue’s blog. The Very Best Balloon Blog by Sue Bowler CBA. I find it full of great tips with many photos and ideas. If a holiday is coming up and I need a few creative ideas, I know she will be posting something in time to use.

Sue Bowler

When Sue contacted me asking to use one of my YouTube videos in her blog. I was very excited. She was writing an article about the World Balloon Convention (WBC) which I have attended. I created a video of behind the scenes of this amazing event. It shows many of the artists from around the world working on their competition pieces.

I hope you enjoy Sue’s blog as mush as I do, and find my video entertaining and educational as well.

I love it when I hear people say “I can believe that is made out of balloons!!!” Well, Believe it 😉

If you have not already clicked on one of the links above, Click here to check out  The very Best Balloon blog by Sue Bowler.


I also have a video from the first World Balloon Convention (WBC) from 2010. So if you enjoyed the video posted on Sue’s blog, I think you will also find my other video interesting. It has some on my favorite artists and friends in it, from America to Japan and many places in between. Check it out and see if you can recognize any of your favorites.  Click here to check out World Balloon Convention 2010
I will be attending WBC this year as well, so be on the look out for another World Balloon Convention video 2014 coming soon. Who knows who and what I will see there. Rest assured that it will be a good good time!



Twist & Shout 2014

Twist & Shout 2014 was held in Rochester, New York. In the middle of a very messy winter storm, but balloon twisters being who they are did not allow a little bad weather to get in their way. This was one of the most amazing events I have had the privilege to be a part of in the balloon industry.

The jam room was my favorite place to be. It was where most of the energy, creativity and sharing took place. Those sleep deprived twisters would stay up all night creating wonderful sculptures. Most of the time their artwork would wind up discarded. The floor soon became covered in creations full of color, which I called “treasures!” I would search the floor early in the morning to see what I could discover. I had a plan in my mind to make an Epic Balloon-amation video.

The last night of Twist & Shout, I gathered all my treasured pieces together and began my task. I only knew a few of the artist names and sculptures and the rest I’m hoping to discover when they see this video. I would love to know every person that helped to make this video. So if you see something you created please tag it or comment so you can get your well deserved credit.

I want to thank everyone whose talent made this Balloon-amation possible!!

Twist & Shour

Twist & Shout sculpture by Matt Falloon





Happy New Year

Start the New Years Eve countdown. 10-9-8- Three, Two, ONE!!!!!

Happy New Year

This year’s New Years Eve parties were a little bit of a challenge for me. 3 days of set up combined with 3 days of the Flu! Lucky for me I had my “A team” balloon crew to rely on. Together we were able to install 14 events. Some were big and some were small but all were important. Most of our events were balloon drops! Meaning me climbing ladders up and down and up and down.

new years eve balloon drops
new years eve balloon drops

It’s always fun for me to add a video of special events we do. So here is one from Lights All night! a 3 day New Years Eve party.

I want to wish everyone the very best in 2014!

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” -Nelson Mandela, South African revolutionary/politician.

2014 new years balloon people

2014 Balloon people