Sue Bowler The Very Best Balloon Blog

Hands down Sue Bowler has one of my favorite balloon blogs.

Sue Bowler

I follow Sue’s blog. The Very Best Balloon Blog by Sue Bowler CBA. I find it full of great tips with many photos and ideas. If a holiday is coming up and I need a few creative ideas, I know she will be posting something in time to use.

Sue Bowler

When Sue contacted me asking to use one of my YouTube videos in her blog. I was very excited. She was writing an article about the World Balloon Convention (WBC) which I have attended. I created a video of behind the scenes of this amazing event. It shows many of the artists from around the world working on their competition pieces.

I hope you enjoy Sue’s blog as mush as I do, and find my video entertaining and educational as well.

I love it when I hear people say “I can believe that is made out of balloons!!!” Well, Believe it 😉

If you have not already clicked on one of the links above, Click here to check out  The very Best Balloon blog by Sue Bowler.


I also have a video from the first World Balloon Convention (WBC) from 2010. So if you enjoyed the video posted on Sue’s blog, I think you will also find my other video interesting. It has some on my favorite artists and friends in it, from America to Japan and many places in between. Check it out and see if you can recognize any of your favorites.  Click here to check out World Balloon Convention 2010
I will be attending WBC this year as well, so be on the look out for another World Balloon Convention video 2014 coming soon. Who knows who and what I will see there. Rest assured that it will be a good good time!



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